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Behavioral Health Assessments

Act 55 of 2022 amended the PA School Code to offer school districts funding for eligible activities and training to support school mental health, safety, and security. The funding, administered through the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD), requires that schools assess their climate/behavioral health environment and all related policies and training. Our assessors are PCCD-approved with extensive experience in school culture/climate, SAP best practices, trauma-informed care, and mental health/wellness.

As part of this process, our assessors will:

  • Review relevant qualitative and quantitative district/school data
  • Spend time onsite in each school
  • Conduct a variety of interviews and/or small focus groups with staff
  • Provide a comprehensive report outlining district/school strengths and opportunities for growth along with recommendations and strategies for enhancing behavioral health supports and school climate