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Consulting and Coaching

In order for culture and climate improvements to occur, changes must be made in a data-driven manner with consistency and a commitment from all stakeholders. That’s why one day of professional development rarely brings about lasting change. We recommend that professional development be part of a longer-term relationship where we guide you through the improvement process. There are many free resources and tools out there but administrators often tell us that they are difficult to use. It is challenging to understand how to implement change while honoring the existing structures and programs already in place. Our consultants will work with you at a pace that YOU determine based on your goals, priorities and budget.

We can help guide you as you explore:

  • School culture and climate improvement process
  • Social and emotional learning (SEL)
    • Organizational strategies that promote SEL
    • Teaching practices which promote SEL
    • Integration of SEL into academic curriculum
  • Emotional intelligence for staff and parents
  • Trauma-informed care and student/staff resilience
  • Leadership models and strategies to maximize employee engagement