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The Journey

Amy Moritz, M.Ed., Founder of Moritz Consulting

Amy MoritzAfter 23 years of work experience, I have realized that I fall into a minority of people referred to as multipotentialites. We have a variety of interests and passions and don’t necessarily have “one true calling” or a singular path that we follow. I used to think that this was a deficit for me and particularly for my rather unusual resume. But in the last few years, I have come to discover that exploring more than one career path has opened up a remarkable world of intersection and opportunity.

Half of my career has been spent in education. At the heart of everything I do, is this belief that education will change the world. I have been a school counselor and a teacher but I have also worked for the last several years as a consultant and advisor for educators and administrators with a particular emphasis on social and emotional learning.

The other half of my career has been devoted to marketing and new product development. My desire to explore new options changed my career trajectory in the early 2000s and I found myself studying consumer purchase decision hierarchies, branding, lean process improvement and the product life cycle. Marketing and communications were fascinating to me, but I found that unless the end result, whether it be a product or a service, improved the lives of other people, I didn’t gain much satisfaction from it.

In 2019, I launched Moritz Consulting which has a two-pronged approach. I am committed to helping educational institutions get the long and short-term solutions they need to improve culture and climate and I’m also interested in supporting the organizations who seek to connect with those schools. While my journey has been a bit unconventional, I am grateful for the detours and I trust that you will benefit from them too.

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